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All-Inclusive Weight Gain: 5 Tips to Not Gain a Pound

All-inclusive resorts are an amazing value but if you’re not prepared, they can do some serious damage to your waistline!

When you’re eating and drinking as much as you want and around the clock for 7 days straight, its pretty easy to blow your daily calorie limits out the window.

Mix in alcohol and the fact that you’re on vacation (or “Holiday” if you’re across the pond) and all inhibitions typically go out the window!

Heck, it’s not unusual to see a 5,10 or even 15 pound jump on the scales when you get back home.

If you’re super conscious about keeping in shape, you might be thinking that this sounds more like a 7-day sentence than a vacation.

But fret not!

Here at Allresortmaps, we have 3 realistic tips to help you not gain a single pound of fat (or at least drastically minimize the impact) so you can enjoy your stay guilt free.

We’re not talking about the obvious restrictive and unrealistic tips that call for you only choosing low calorie options and abstaining from most things. No, these are realistic tips that will still allow you to have a great time with practically no compromises!

Tip #1: “Pay Up Front”​

Like I said above, it’s not unusual to see the scale go up 5,10 or even 15 pounds (everyone is different so your exact number will vary).

But the good news is that most of this is water retention from salt and carbs. I won’t go into the biology of it but trust that after a few days of normalized eating and moderate exercise, you should automatically shed at least half of the number on the scale.

So to use an example, let’s say our scale shot up 8 lbs when got back and then 2-3 days later we leveled out at +3 lbs. So this means we gained about 3 lbs of fat after the 5 lbs of water was flushed out.

This is likely the average for the vast majority of people. Its highly unlikely that you will gain more than 3-5 lbs of ACTUAL fat in one week unless you literally were going out of your way to eat 10-15k calories a day!

So if that’s the case, then our recommended strategy is to “pay up front” — meaning commit to losing the 3-5 lbs a head of time.

Crash diets and ultra intense training regimens are not recommended in the long term but a 2-week crash program before you leave should let you accomplish this in no time. You could also do it a month or 2 before you go if you’re more the slow and steady type.

Just keep in mind that if you are already trying to drop a few lbs to look good at the beach, you will have to commit to losing these additional 3-5 lbs to your goal.

But don’t stress too much about it. Even if you pay for half up front, lose say 1.5 lbs ahead of time and gain 3 lbs during the trip, you’ve only made a small dent in your waistline and had a hell of a time guilt-free on your trip.

Then just follow the same routine from before you left and you’ll be back to normal in a week or 2.

#Tip 2: Only eat and drink the things you actually like

There are crazy amounts of food and drink options at an all-inclusive resort but chances are that you like some things better than others. In fact, there are tons of things you might end up eating and drinking just because despite not really wanting it at all.

Perhaps its one of those super sweet Bahama Mama drinks at the swim up bar that you just ordered because everyone else did and then forced yourself to finish. Or maybe its those random desserts and foods at the buffet you pound down just because you convince yourself you MUST try absolutely everything to get the full experience.

Then there’s the random food left out for the taking at the snack bar, servers handing you mystery drinks you didn’t order, a plate full of fries you got with your burger that you didn’t ask for…you get the picture.

The point is, you’re “spending” your calories on stuff you just mildly like or worse, don’t even care for rather than the things you actually love. So by simply by sticking to the things you really love, you will save on a ton of calories from the stuff you really won’t miss anyways.

Go ahead and try new foods and drinks but don’t feel you HAVE to eat or drink anything you really don’t want.

Tip #3: Participate in the activities or actually use the amenities

What you eat and drink is going to produce 80% of your results but engaging in a little physical activity while on the resort certainly can help fight the bulge.

But you don’t need to go pump some iron or run on a treadmill at the resort gym — we’ll save that for next week when you get back home :p

Rather, take advantage of the resort’s offerings. Most resorts will have tons of daily activities such as pick-up beach/pool volleyball games, aerobics, yoga, dance classes etc.

The point is you’ll have a great time doing some fun activities, meet people, and burn a couple of calories along the way.

You could also actually use the amenities and facilities you paid for. You know who you are if you’re in that camp.

Chances are your resort has something whether its tennis, rental bikes, basketball, walking trails or an assortment of other options.

Just grab one of the people you’re traveling with and go for it. Make a plan to go at least 3 times during the trip ahead of time that way you and your partner are pre-commited.

Even 30-mins every other day will help you feel great on your trip, build up an appetite for those al la cartes, and burn off a little extra calories.

A Helpful Tool

If you implement these tips, we’re confident that you’ll be able to fully enjoy your trip uncaged and still not hate yourself the week after!

Use our free comparison tool to see what amenities and eating options any resort offers in an easy-to-read table.

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